Kenna and Kylie

Traveling is a big part of cheer for the competitive travel teams; the twins know this very well.  Mom, Jenn, knows how important school is; but she also understands that cheer has its place, too,  How, then, do they handle school absences during mandatory travel dates for cheer?

I’m fortunate they can catch up and get work done, and they know they have makeup work to do when they get back.  They don’t like to miss school and as much as I hate it, especially since I work at a school, this is something I think is going to stay with them.


“Cheer News” is a recent article published by South Jersey Magazine which features commentary from South Jersey Storm’s owner and program director, Jenna Verano, who explained to reporter – Julie Shannon:

It’s gotten to the point where it’s a lot safer for kids.  They didn’t always have levels 1 through 5; they used to have beginner, intermediate and advanced. They (USASF) have gotten quite strict as far as the guidelines with what you can and can’t do so the kids are learning in proper progression. … When I cheered, it wasn’t that way. There were kids that were better than me and others who were not as good as me and we were all expected to do the same thing. It was dangerous.

Is there ANYTHING that comes BEFORE allstar cheerleading?  Jenna shares some insight:

School always comes first at our gym. This isn’t the endall be-all of their lives, so we want to make sure our kids are getting good grades and school is a priority, but if they are playing any other sport, All Star cheer is expected to come first. Missing All Star cheer practices for other sport practices or teams is not excused at our gym. “It does become difficult because there are two to three times a year athletes miss at least one or two days of school. We don’t want that to happen, but it’s out of our hands and more in the hands of the producers who run the competitions.



Be sure to check out the full article here:

Allstar cheerleading has come a long way from where it began, and spectators of this sport can look forward to another impressive competition season as they watch the exciting choreographed routines performed by talented athletes during a jam-packed, skillfully executed routine done with impeccable precision … in a mere two minutes and thirty seconds.

Yes, it IS pretty amazing!

Carmela, Alba and Sophia

What happens when you have THREE girls cheering?  Mom, Meredith, takes on life as a cheer mom.

It’s a big commitment.  The girls work out five days a week.

Laughing, Meredith describes competition prep with her three girls:

It’s organized chaos. It’s like the movie Bring It On; that’s what goes on in the back room.  I’m spending anywhere from 12 to 18 hours between all three girls getting them ready and being at the competition all day.

I’d do it all again in a heartbeat because they love it. They work their butts off and they are amazing athletes; they truly are.