Storm Force Program

Program Overview

South Jersey Storm is pleased to offer interested athletes Storm Force – a half-year, non-travel competitive all star cheerleading experience.  This program was implemented specifically for cheerleaders who want an all star cheerleading experience, but are not able to commit to the full-year Intensity program due to various other school and/or sports/extra-curricular obligations.  For example, athletes who cheer for their high school, a rec team, play other sports, or are involved in academic clubs will greatly benefit from becoming members of this five-month all star, half-year “prep” cheer program that accommodates athletes (male and female) with beginner-to-intermediate cheerleading skills who range in age from 5-18.

This is also an excellent program in which to enroll your athlete if he or she is interested in cheerleading, but still unsure whether all star cheerleading is the sport that is best for him/her.

ALL Storm Force teams will attend three-to-four local competitions.

  • Ages: 5-18
  • Levels: 1-3 (beginner-intermediate)
  • Practices: once per week for two hours
  • Duration of Program: 5 months
  • Competitions: 3-4 LOCAL

Expenses – Storm Force 2017-2018 Season (coming soon)

Registration/Team Placements date:
All ages and levels are welcome
Fundraising and sponsorship opportunities are available via our Storm Watchers program

Every Storm Force cheerleader will receive one FREE open tumble class per week for the entire season (20 total).

Force Program

Ages 5-18

One-time Registration Fee: $75

Monthly Fee: $175
(December through April)

STORM FORCE COMPETITION SCHEDULE 2017-2018 (All Competitions are Mandatory):

  • TBD

Schedules are typically provided to South Jersey Storm families in late-August/early-September.  If you are interested in the Storm Force half-year, non-travel prep team and would like an idea of what competitions the team(s) have attended previously, please email and someone will be happy to provide you with that information.