Heat Program

Program Overview

If you have a cheerleader who is looking to get started with his/her all star cheerleading career, look no further than our FULL YEAR, PREP TEAM! Storm’s Heat Program was launched in 2011 and has been growing ever since  This Program is a full-year all star cheerleading prep program, designed for families who are seeking a more lenient time and financial commitment. Heat teams are comprised of cheerleaders aged 7 to 18 (from beginner-to-intermediate) and practice one time per week for three hours. Teams will attend 6 to 8 LOCAL competitions only! Looking for a program more advanced than recreation cheerleading, but not ready for the full all star commitment? This program is PERFECT FOR YOU!

  • Ages: 7-18
  • Levels: 1-2 (beginner-intermediate)
  • Duration of Program: 12 months

Storm Heat 2017-2018


SJS is pleased to present “Heat” – its 12-month All Star Prep cheerleading program. Team practices begin on May 17, 2017 and will continue through the month of April, 2017 for 2 hours, once per week during the summer. Beginning in September, Heat teams will add a 2-hour weekend practice (a total of 4 hours per week).

Heat is an annual program with all-inclusive 12 monthly installments. (Monthly fees are not pro-rated.) Invoicing is done on a monthly basis and we ask that all invoices are paid by the 1st of the month. Any monthly fees not paid by the 5th will receive a $30 late fee.

You may utilize our Storm Watchers Fundraising Program to help defer your fees by participating in a variety of fundraisers that are held throughout the season.

Heat Program

Ages 7-18

One-time Registration Fee: $150

One-time Music Fee: $45

Monthly Fee: $210


  • Monthly Training Fee
  • Choreography
  • National Fees
  • Team Camp
  • Practice Clothes
  • USASF Fee
  • Administration Fee
  • Make Up
  • 1 Open Tumble per week

Not Included:

  • Music fee (one-time charge to adhere to new USASF music guidelines)
  • Uniform
  • Sneakers
  • Warm Up (optional)
  • Bag (optional)