The South Jersey Storm Tumbling Class Program consists of professional and USASF-certified tumbling instructors who will teach proper skill progression-based classes to advance athletes through tumbling levels 1-5.  Athletes will increase the number of skills they learn and master in each level that contribute to their strength, flexibility, and overall body control and awareness to assist them in achieving their ultimate tumbling goals.  Athletes progress through the levels (colors) of tumbling as they master skills utilizing proper technique.

Tumble White Pre-requisite skills: None; Introduction to tumble class

Class skill set: (L1 skills) Forward and backward roll; handstand; cartwheel; bridge

Tumble Gray

(8 & Under)

(9 & Up)

Pre-requisite skills: Forward and backward roll; handstand; cartwheel; bridge

Class skill set: (L1 skills) Round off; back bend; kick over; back & front walkover; limber; valdez; back ext. roll

Tumble Black

(9 & Under)

(10 & Up)

Pre-requisite skills: Front walkover; back walkover, round off

Class skill set: (L2 standing & running) Back handspring(s); standing/running/variations

Tumble Maroon


Pre-requisite skills: Standing 5 back handsprings connected with increasing speed; round off 3 back handsprings

Class skill set: (L3 running; L4 standing) Round off back handspring tuck; standing tuck; bhs-tuck; punch front

Tumble Gold Pre-requisite skills: Round off back handspring tuck; standing tuck; bhs-tuck; variation to tuck

Class skill set: (L4 & L5 skills) Layout; full; double full; advanced specialty combinations



WHITE 5:30-6:30 4:30-5:30
GRAY (8 & Under) 4:30-5:30 5:30-6:30
GRAY (9 & Up) 4:30-5:30 5:30-6:30
BLACK (9 & Under) 4:30-5:30 6:30-7:30
BLACK (10 & Up) 4:30-5:30 7:30-8:30
MAROON 4:30-5:30 8:30-9:30
GOLD 5:30-6:30 8:30-9:30

Storm Specialty Classes

South Jersey Storm offers a variety of specialty classes for both the general public and current SJS cheerleaders and dancers.  Please check our calendar to see which class best fits your athlete’s needs.  

The classes listed are annual programs; the fees are split into 12 monthly installments.  (Storm Cheerleaders receive a discounted monthly rate.)

Body Position Class

This class is designed for athletes who wish to increase flexibility.  Flexibility is essential for all cheerleaders – not just flyers – because athletes who are flexible are also good jumpers.  This class teaches stretching methods which will enable athletes to not only pull (and hold) various body positions, but perfect the technique.

All-Girl Stunt Class

This class is designed to assist entire stunt groups – flyer, main base, side base and back spot.  Grips will be explained and perfect and athletes will perfect their flying skills for all positions during stunting.

Coed Stunt Class
(Flyers only; pre-approval required)

This class is designed for specifically for athletes to work on their flying skills.  ALL MEMBERS MUST EMAIL info@southjerseystormallstars.com for written approval for this class. Must bring approval to front desk to register.